More Going Home Pictures!!!

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Hi Trixie! We just wanted to let you know how much we love our puppy, Maximus (Max). He has been so easy to train and has just fit right into our family. He has such a nice, calm disposition…and yet he loves to play hard as well! At 12 weeks, he weighed 27.2 lbs. and is getting bigger and stronger everyday.

 We are so happy that we contacted you and were able to get Max. He’s the best. Thanks again, Patrice Bushart

Ps. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of him. I’m not that great of a photographer…he’s so much cuter than these pictures show…. :-)




I just wanted to send you some new pics of Chase (Lance).  We have named him Chase because it seems to be his favorite thing to do outside of sleeping on the couch.  He is either chasing us or the cat or he is being chased by us or the cat.  He has quickly became a part of the family.  He is very smart, comes when called and is house broken.  He loves to fetch what ever we through for him and is a great traveler.  We took him up north to our property in Mesick for the first time last weekend, 4 hours with only a single stop.  What a great dog he his.  We would just like to thank you for the latest member of our family.
The Carlton's

Lance at 6wks 8 wks old 8wks
 9 wks old 12 wks old

Misty going Home with the Miller Family!!

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