Thank you for sending in Pictures and updates!!  We love to hear how our kids (AKA Goobers) are doing!!

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(recent pups going home will be here then move to the end of the pages so every one has a chance to be on front page)

Robbie in TN 

    Montana/Harley puppy


Hi Trixie,

Just wanted to give you an update of how Lucy "Goober" Jane is doing since coming home last Saturday.  Lucy has made herself right at home.  Potty training is progressing very nicely and she is sleeping through the night in her cage already.  Lucy and Maggie get along really well, she likes to follow her big sister around and tries to immitate Maggie.  We had our first vet visit on Tuesday and got a good report;  she doesn't mind riding in the car.  Last Sunday (day after coming home) Bill's mum put together a puppy shower for Lucy.  All her new friends came to welcome her home and she got so many toys and treats....and she slept through most of it!!  LOL!!!  Lucy is doing well in the snow...she likes to play with Maggie in it.  I have included some pics for you. 
Lucy is very sweet and just loves to please us.  Thank you for such a wonderful little goober....

Will stay in touch
Regards Caroline and Bill in MI
(Angel/Harley puppy)




  I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Gabe is doing great.  The drive home was easier than I thought it would be.  He liked the kennel and stayed in it most of the ride home (his choice).  The first night I was worried he would cry all night but I moved the kennel right next to my bed and he ended up sleeping all night.  If fact I woke up and shook it making sure he was still alive, lol.  Same for the other nights.  Sienna seems to love him and yesterday realized he was a good playmate.  It took her a few days but they play well together and Gabe has been great with getting Sienna off the couch.  Now that being said....Gabe LOVES the couch (we let them on the couch) but can't seem to get on it by himself (yet).  That is really the only time he cries.  Potty training is going okay.  I make sure I take him out everytime he wakes up and at least once and hour so not to many accidents.  Really been the easiest puppy I remember.  Thanks again and I will keep you updated on his growth.

Sallie Whitehurst in LA

"Gabe's mom" ( Angel/Harley puppy)

Update 3/11/11

As you can see Gabe is growing. He had his last shots on Wednesday and weighed 26lbs. He is going to be a big boy. He is still good for a puppy, the only really bad thing he does is dig. Which would not be bad if it was just outside but he decided to dig my indoor plant. Nothing bad enough for us to not love him. He uses a bell when he needs to go out and not one shoe has been chewed so far. Thanks again for our newest member of the Whitehurst clan.








Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart.  Cooper is precious and absolutely perfect!!!  Our ride home was actually uneventful and though I am tired from getting up every couple hours to take him out, I am totally thrilled!  He is peacefully sleeping right now on Max's bed and has also been playing and giving us all lots of laughs.  He seems to like the snow but it's very cold out and he can't stay out for long - gets shivering!  He and Max are getting along fine but he really wants to play and Max isn't there yet.  He will be, but not quite yet.  Last night, cooper tried to snuggle up with him but it didn't fly so I had him snuggle up with me.  My daughter just loves him and carries him around a lot but she won't be able to do that for long! :-)

I hope Keith made it home without the storm we got Friday Night!  It was nice to meet him, his friend and your parents.  Looks like their passion is little dogs...:-).

I attached a couple pictures and a short video of cooper in his new home.  I will try to get a nice family picture of him soon and send it on.  Thank you again for everything.  I will most DEFINATELY recommend you to others and I hope you are still breeding when we decide it's time for another!

Take care - I'll be in touch and will be watching Angel's and Gracie's babies on the puppy cam. 

Michelle, Brad, Gabby, Max and Cooper Musser in MI

Sasha/Harley puppy


2nd puppy purchased from us and going home to IL


I am so happy that we have the two dogs Rosco is the alpha male and Dillon is slowly telling him whose boss, I wish you can see them playing. Thanks for raising them like you did I really think that Dillon is house trained.

This is Stuffy ( red collar) from Sasha/Harley litter

  aww hugs!!! Easter tug!! Rosco & Dillion





Thanks again soooo much Trixie we love little Lincoln and Riley and Louis do too.

Sean, Nicole, Louis, Riely in MI

Gracie/Champ Puppy 

      3 1/2 MO old now!! Such a cutie!!


Hey just wanted to let you know we had a great day with zoe and she is such a doll. No accidents in the house yet either, now if she would just sleep through the nite, we would have miracle puppy!!!

Champ/Gracie Puppy



         Just wanted to tell you thank you so much for our puppy we love and adore him. My son was so excited and they are best friends, we named him Jack and he fits in great and acts right at home now. He had a great puppy check up and got an A+. I said I would send some pics so here is one of Jack and his new best friend Brandon. Again I am glad I found you guys and thanks so much this has been a great experience.

Catherine Hailey in NC

Gracie/Champ Puppy

2/19/11 can add as many as you want....we just love Jack!!!

Belinda Mayes, MI 

Angel/Harley Puppy



Thank you so so much.  He is gorgous.  We will send pics.

Jeff Ash

Angel/Harley Puppy to MI 


angel/harley pup 3/11/11 Angel/Harley Brown collar male  

Hard day at farm.  Riding on 6 wheeler!


40lbs and growing!  We Love him


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