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Puppy picks are to be made by the age of 5wks 

Pearl (AKC Full English) and Sarge (AKC Full English)

Planned litter  for June 4, 2018  Both parents are Very calm, Loving, Easy going Labs. They are not "hyper" Labs. English labs are very calm and loveable! 

Ready to go Home at 6-7 wks

We are taking $300.00 deposits now to reserve a puppy.
( see bottom of page for shopping cart)

 2YR Hip Guarantee 
Sold w/AKC Limited Registration= 1500.00 
Sold with Full AKC Registration (Breeding rights) =2500.00  

1st deposit=1st pick, 2nd deposit=2nd pick and so on 
( a pending deposit is not a received deposit and does not secure that spot)
We reserve the right to first pick of a female/male from any litter.

 Male Deposits  Females 

1st =Judi A

2nd=Christen O

3rd=Megan F


First  =Richard H (BU)

2nd =Open

3rd =Open


White/Lt Yellow






When can I pick my Puppy? 
The picks for the puppies can be done by photographs seen online or sent via email or in person. 

Puppy visits can begin at 5 wks for deposit holders only and a appointment will be scheduled. 

Selection can be made at birth and no later than the end of 5wks age.  Deposit holders will make selection in chronological order. If you can drive to make selection in person that will be fine. An appointment will be scheduled for you. Whether you select online or in person, selection can be made as soon as pictures have been posted and no later than then age of 5wks. If you CANNOT make selection you will loose your spot.


Deposits are non-refundable only moveable to another litter in the event the puppy you wanted was not born or passed away,

If you change your mind FOR ANY other reason, you are giving up your deposit.

Please understand Puppies can die at birth or shortly after, it is something that just happens. We go to many lengths to safeguard the litter but sometimes mother nature prevails.

Deposits and payments can be paid by credit/debit card through PayPal.  We accept checks for the deposit.  Website will be updated to show a Pending Deposit and a puppy will be reserved for you once payment has arrived, not until then.  


We do accept personal checks, Money orders and Pay Pal  for the balance due  You can pay using your credit/debit card through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account.  See below for PayPal options.


There is a 4% fee associated with PayPal transactions, however, by using this method we receive your payment quicker and a puppy will be reserved for you.

To purchase puppy as a family Pet Purchase Below


To Purchase puppy with Breeding rights 2500.00 

We accept Pay Pal




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