More Going Home Pictures!!!

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Macy aka Dolly going home with Bethany Fisher


Hi Trixie!
    This is Bethany, I adopted a yellow lab puppy from you back in April. I figure I'm pretty much due for an update:-). We decided to name our Puppy Macy. Shes doing awesome. Last vet visit shes up to about 32 pounds already! Shes been an absoulute dream to potty train, she obviously had a great start while living in your home. Shes great with everybody she meets, very excited to visit with new people and she always draws a large crowd of both children and adults when we take her to Petsmart.
     Everybody cant get over how absolutely calm she is. I had to bring her to the vet Tuesday because one of my Fiance's mom's dogs bite her in the ear. The vet had to shave it and clean it out really well and she just sat and took it very well. The vet was SO impressed. (Shes okey, by the way. Just one some preventative antibiotics.)
     If it worked, I tried to attach a picture of my niece at her second birthday party walking Macy. It was so cute :-).
     Thanks again! When we are ready to adopt another puppy we will definitely be going thru KT Labradors again!
       ~Bethany Fisher

Tank going home with the Houtman Family

These pictures are perfect! Thank you so much for those. We are having a great time with Fisher and he has done well with potty training, only few accidents.
He has gone on many car rides and had adventures just about everywhere.

Thanks again,


Mandy Going home with the Hotchkiss Family

I wanted to let you know Addy (Mandy) was fixed yesterday. 

Addison Clark Hotchiss

Thanks all is going very well with the puppy. She is 42 lb in weight with no problems


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